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Find Out First About Important Food Recalls

Knowing is Half the Battle

Here's how to find out first about food recalls to help keep your family safe.

So you're dealing with food allergies, which means you're an expert at reading labels, right? But what happens when foods are recalled because they contain potentially life-threatening allergens? Do you know how to protect your family?

Canadian Food Inspection Agency is responsible for all food recall warnings. When you visit their page, you can find out how to sign up for email notifications of these recalls, and follow them across their social media platforms. 

It's important to know about all food recalls, not just those relating to allergens, because who wants their salad with a side of listeria, anyhow?

Recalls happen all the time -- sometimes it's consumer-driven (like when a bunch of people get sick from eating a product), and sometimes it's CFIA-driven (like when they do random inspections and find something wrong with food). CFIA does a lot of work to keep us healthy, and being on top of their recalls is key to keeping your family safe!

I mean, just look at all these recalls in just the last couple weeks alone:

Sign up now to receive CFIA food recall notifications right to your inbox so you don't accidentally feed your family anything unsafe.

Image Source: DeSegura89 on Flickr

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