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TellSpec: The Future of Allergen Detection

"Beam Your Health Up"

Ok, so it's no hovercar, but I feel like this new invention has propelled us into the far future, people. There's a new device in production called TellSpec, and it has the potential to absolutely change the lives of food allergy sufferers forever. With just a quick scan, the device can tell you the content of your food. Can you imagine not having to take anyone's word for what's in that pasta you order in a restaurant? Can you imagine being able to detect minute amounts of gluten or nuts? Wouldn't it be great to never have to worry about crazy allergy alerts? Wouldn't it be so great to be able to easily avoid any food allergen or ingredient you want to avoid? Incredible.

According to the TellSpec site:

TellSpec brings together laser spectroscopy, nanophotonics, and a unique mathematical algorithm in a revolutionary hand-held consumer device that can analyze the chemical composition of any food in less than 20 seconds.

The TellSpec handheld device beams a low-powered laser at the food you wish to analyze, measures the reflected light with a spectrometer, and sends the data via your smart phone, computer, or tablet to TellSpec’s servers in the cloud. Those servers use this data to deduce information about your food that is of interest to you. This information is then displayed on your computer, tablet or smart phone so you can intelligently decide if you want to buy or eat the food.

TellSpec has an IndieGoGo campaign running right now, with plenty of options for getting involved in helping to bring this product to market, and I cannot wait to see this on the shelves.

(Image Source: TellSpec)