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Six Cool Allergy Accessories for Kids

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With allergies, there's often very little time to communicate the risks of exposure, so making others aware of a child's allergies is key! Thankfully, there are tons of really great products on the market to help do just that. I've made a list of my son's favourite options for allergy accessories.

Why not add a little fashion statement to your allergy alerts? 

The brightly-coloured wristbands from Allerbling are unique medical ID bracelets, which are customizable depending on your child's allergies.

Add a little attitude to allergy awareness with the fashionable products at Allergy Apparel. They sell a range of products from t-shirts to lunchboxes and tons of kid-friendly carrying cases. How rad are these Epi-Pen® carrying cases?

Blue Bear Aware
This company, based in Vancouver, British Columbia and owned by a fellow allergy parent, strives to make life a little easier for families who deal with allergies. They sell a range of products including auto-injector carriers and t-shirts alerting people to allergies (in kids', teens' and adult sizes). My little dude really digs this t-shirt:

Loveable Labels
Loveable Labels offers Medical Wristbands and allergy alert labels in a variety of pre-designed allergy options. The customizable cards for their Vital ID and Medical Wristbands are a great idea for alerting anyone to your child's specific health issues (i.e., allergies, asthma).

Mabel's Labels Allergy Alerts
Brightly-coloured, washable and sturdy, these allergy alerts are perfect for adding to water bottles and lunch bags. Their allergy alert labels are full customizable to your specific needs.

MedicAlert is probably the most highly-recognized, customizable medical alert accessory. And boy, have their styles changed! I think I should have one of these Roots cuffs to alert people about my sulpa allergy, don't you?

Does your child wear an allergy alert accessory?