Blush: My Pick For Unofficial Colour of The Year

Soft and subtle, here's how you can be beautiful in blush from head to toe

Blush: My Pick For Unofficial Colour of The Year


It might not be the official Colour of the Year, but I am naming blush the unofficial colour of the year (and century), and I think you’ll agree that it’s the colour you really want to add to your wardrobe moving forward. This pale pink is flattering on almost all skin tones, and is the perfect transition shade the warm weather moves in.

Even though I love pink, it’s a colour I rarely wear because it *kinda* reminds me of little girls in tutus and the icing on baby shower cakes. Consider blush the grown up version of baby pink, with equal parts sophistication and sweet.

Not quite a true pink and not quite a cream or beige, blush is your new favourite neutral. Wear it with or in place of your dark, wintry neutrals to lighten up your overall look. It’s uber-romantic, always elegant and oh-so-feminine, and you can wear it anywhere, anytime. What’s not to love?

If you’re unsure about how to wear my new it colour, here are some ideas:

  • On your lips, cheeks, eyes, or nails
  • Accessories like headbands, hats, scarves, and jewelry
  • Carry it in your hand, or on your shoulder with a blush-toned purse
  • Slip your feet into a pair of blush shoes (bonus points if you have a blush-y pedicure)
  • Drape your entire body in it
  • Want to make your partner blush? Head to Victoria’s Secret and look for blush-toned lingerie.


1. TOPSHOP Skinny Tailored Blazer, $88, topshop.com

2. MADEWELL Coated Cotton Skirt , $130, madewell.com

3. ALDO Madice Earrings, $11, aldoshoes.com

4. FRENCH CONNECTION Penny Plain Pleats Top, $55, piperlime.com

5. ARIELLA Cap-Sleeve Bridesmaid Dress, $220, houseoffraser.co.uk (perfect for wedding guests, too!)

6. ESSIE Spring 2014 Polishes in Romper Room or Spin the Bottle, $10, Shopper’s Drug Mart Stores

7. NASTY GAL Blushing Out Clutch, $53, nastygal.com

8. FRENCH CONNECTION Nambia Leather Platform Heels, $155, usa.frenchconnection.com

Need some more style inspiration? Take a leaf out of my great-aunt Mayme's book and embrace this simple style truth and use this cool trick to keep your jeans looking new in the warmer months! 


Easy Ways To Transition Your Winter Wardrobe To Spring

Bring your wardrobe from blah to bright

Easy Ways To Transition Your Winter Wardrobe To Spring

The photo above was taken on APRIL 6, 2014. That snow is not a joke. At least the snow in Halifax is melting, but things in Cape Breton are still a little Frozen-esque. 

The calendar might say it's officially spring, but the weather outside isn't quite cooperating, yet—but it's coming (I hope)!

For the past few weeks, I've heard birds chirping in the morning and the sun is still shining through my windows as late as 7 pm, so there's hope on the horizon that all of my spring favourites, like trench coats, cropped pants, and ballet flats, can come out of the back of the closet soon!

Even though the temperatures are still wintry and cold, resist the urge to grab those heavy, dark pieces and start reaching for lighter fabrics, like chiffon, and bright, spring-y shades, like orchid and yellow, adding them slowly to your warmer duds to keep your look fresh and functional!

If you've got a light, floral dress that you're dying to wear, throw it over a pair of warm tights—try grey for a super chic lookand pair it with a great pair of boots. Now, top it with a chunky knit or a blazer (if you work in a business-y office like me), and get ready for the compliments. The unexpected mix of light and heavy fabrics is super romantic! 

Still feeling like you need the coziness of wool in order to face the day? That's cool (no pun intended)! Pair it with a pair of pastel tights and a peep-toe bootie, just 'cause (though you might want to wear a heavy-duty pair outdoors for a little while longer).

When the mornings are dark and the temperatures low, it can be hard to resist the blacks, greys, and browns in our closet—they even look warm and cozybut adding bright colours and spring-like patterns (think florals and geometric prints) lighten up your look and revitalize you! Bright jewel tones look best worn close to the face (think scarves and blouses), but a pair of mint or pink pants might be just what the doctor ordered if you're still feeling the winter blahs. 

Get The Looks:

1. Floral Fever Chiffon Dress, Forever 21, $14; Short Jacket, H&M, $36 (similar); Minuk Ankle Boot, Aldo, $140; Tights, Joe Fresh

2. Merona Petites Sweater Dress, Target, SALE $13.98; Imaginee Ankle Boot, Steve Madden, $100; Tights, Joe Fresh

3. Mint Jeans, Vera Moda (Hudson's Bay/Pseudio Stores); Diane Furstenburg Cashmere Sweater, $400 (similar from Gap, $18.99); Minnie Lace Up Bootie, Miz Mooz, SALE $89.95; Floral Loop Scarf, American Eagle, $27.40

But enough of this cold weather, anyway! It's time to start thinking about the pretty, spring-y pieces we'll be wearing this season!


The Truth About Size Tags

AKA What My Late Aunt Taught Me (hint: size tags are stupid)

The Truth About Size Tags

My great-aunt Mayme was one heck of a lady. She’s been gone for just over four years now, but I think of her often, especially when I wear one of her rings or carry the clutch she gave me or drink whiskey (like I said, quite a lady!).  I was enormously pregnant at the time of her death (and that of her husband, one week later), and I can still remember the huffing and puffing up the basement stairs as I helped pack up the things in their house.

We found a lot of funny things that she’d throttle me for sharing with you, like gag gifts and out-of-character movies hidden in bags under clothes in the drawer in the spare room. It was like finding gifts of laughter during a sad time. But I digress...

One of the things that struck me most about Mayme was her wardrobe. It was enormous, filled with extravagant pieces like mink jackets and stoles and peppered with glamorous costume jewelry and it was all quite posh, really. I have very few memories of her even wearing slacks (she’d never have worn jeans), and there was always something very Old Hollywood about her. As I sifted through her closet, though, I noticed something peculiar.

Mayme cut the size tag off of almost every article of clothing that she owned.

The thought of it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time, because I know that there was some level of shame associated with the number on the tag. I know it because I’ve been there, and you probably have once or twice, too. I learned a lot about style, relationships and life in general from Mayme, but this is the most important lesson she ever taught me:



 J. Crew Introduces Size 000

That number or letter on the size tag can make or break us sometimes, and that makes me incredibly sad. Because as far as I’m concerned, that size tag is bullshit. I’m a different size in different stores. Sometimes women’s clothing doesn’t fit right, but I can’t find anything in the juniors department either. After losing a lot of weight a couple of years ago, I didn’t have the slightest clue what size I was and when I discovered that it was the smallest size I'd ever worn, I felt this weird type of power. But for what?

The size on the tag of your clothes means nothing. NOTHING. Nada. There are only two things that matter when it comes to clothes: how it fits, and how you feel. Whether you’re slipping into a 00 or a size 18 if you don’t feel good in it, it doesn’t deserve to be on your body. Buy what fits. Wear what feels good. Your size and weight are not the ticket to happiness.  

 The Sneaky Truth About Vanity Sizing

Regardless of what beautiful shape and size you are, here are a few pieces that flatter everyone:

Dark jeans. Boot cut is always flattering, but you may prefer skinnies or wide-legs. Wear what you love. With boot-cut and wide-legs, make sure the hem of your jeans brushes the top of your shoe. Add heels to the mix for a longer, leaner leg. 

My favourite pair? curvy boot jeans from Gap.ca!

Wrap dresses. Cinched at the waist, wrap-dresses are super chic, uber flattering and, when you choose a fabric like jersey, they’re also  really comfortable. The v-shaped neck lengthens your torso, but those with a larger chest may want to wear a camisole underneath for extra-coverage. Look for lengths that hit the knee (*just* above or below is fine, too) so you don’t cut your leg off awkwardly.

Grab a solid or patterned, long- or short-sleeved wrap dress at Old Navy! 

Blazers. A well-fitted blazer is one of the most flattering and functional pieces you can add to your wardrobe. Make sure the fit is right in the shoulder – the seams should line up with the top of your shoulder – and have it taken in through the waist if needed. 

If you're petite, BUY PETITE. I *love* this Suit Jacket by Halogen which comes in petite and regular sizes! 

Smiles. Everyone looks better when they smile. It’s a universal truth. 

Brush 'em, love 'em and show 'em to the world! Plus: smiles are contagious! 

Mayme lived through many of these fashion trends, and she'd be highly unimpressed if she saw this advertisement. Make sure you check back for more Mayme-isms soon.