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Gene Wilder Dead at 83 |
Gene Wilder is gone, but he leaves behind a legacy of art and love to be enjoyed for generations for come.
The Truth About Truth and Kindness
The truth is hard to share but we need to teach our kids about this complex subject and help them be kind while honouring truth.

White Lies And A Lesson About Friendship |
My daughter’s friends chose to deliberately deceive her and I found out about it. 
Are You Putting Your Baby in an Unsafe Sleep Environment? |
These findings are important and display the urgency for further messaging of infant safe sleep practices.

5 Questions to determine if your child has a good teacher |
Five questions to determine if your child has a good teacher.
If you want your hair to be fluffy instead of flat, you need to wash it like this.
One-Pit Stop Family Road Trips from Southern Ontario You May Not Know About
You don’t have to spend days driving to have an incredible family road trip experience.
Ripe tomatoes and brie drizzled with hot olive oil and dressed with basil make for a delicious summery salad
This simple salad is a full-flavour, no-fuss way to enjoy tomato season.
by: Paula Roy