Garlic: Nature's Gift For Your Health

by: Carla Omoruyi

Okay, before you assume that this tip is about some crazy foodie recipe that happens to include some form of garlic, I beg you to read on. Read this whole little blurb and you will never look at garlic in the same way ever again.

First of all, did you know that raw garlic is a natural antibiotic? Yes, it really is! People in countries where antibiotics are scarce or too expensive for the average person to purchase, regularly consume raw garlic to fight off numerous viral and bacterial infections.

Now, note that this blurb is not liable for making any claims to prevent or cure disease, as this blurb was created and intended for conversational purposes only. (That's my official disclaimer.)

But it must be mentioned that thousands of people around the world have consumed raw garlic for the specific purpose of fighting a myriad of symptoms, including tumors, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, heavy metal toxicity, and a host of other reasons!

Myself, I have discovered that consuming raw garlic has helped my body fight colds, skin problems, low energy, cravings, and stress. Consuming raw garlic has had a calming and purifying effect on my body.

How does one consume raw garlic? Well,  for me, I just peel and chop one clove of garlic into small little bits that are small enough for me to comfortably swallow with plain water. How many cloves do I take? Usually, I take only one clove at a sitting; however, if I found myself to be in a situation where many people around me were battling illness, I would increase the number of cloves per day to about three.

How do you prevent the "ickiness" of garlic  breath? First of all, I only take garlic when I know I am not going to be around others for a little bit of time. Also note that the scent of garlic will dissipate after about two to three hours. You can also mask the garlic scent by consuming other foods, such as fruits and veggies. If you consume raw garlic before going to sleep, you will find that the garlic scent will have disappeared by the time you wake up.

Won't you give garlic a try and see what health benefits you can reap from this natural wonder?


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