Mommy's Magic Bandage Remover

I don't know about you, but I hate when a bandage is ready to come off my child. Not that I don't want him to heal, it's just that the crying and anxiety caused by this little tiny piece of tape is sometimes unbearable.  

Here's what I found works great: dip your finger in baby oil and rub it on top of the bandage. In a matter of seconds, the oil will seep into the bandage and, voila, no more stickiness! The bandage just slides off and the skin is left soft and soothed by the oil.

My four-year-old calls it Mommy's Magic Oil.

Mom of 2 boys, stepmom to a 3rd.  My passion is reading and writting (when I get the opportunity).  


Being a mom is more difficult than I ever anticipated.  My roles as a mom, step-mom  wife, cleaner, taxi-driver, sister, daughter, female, human, etc., all seem to change as fast as my kids change.  

One of my parenting goals is to teach my kids to notice and appreciate the small things in nature and in life (the sound rain makes on the roof, snow falling in big flakes with no wind, the sound of cicadas in summer, the texture and smell of paper books).   By doing this I hope life will slow down for them (and me)

It's a wild, fleeting ride.  Enjoy it while you can!